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Company Profile

deStudio is an engineering company established in 1996 with the aim of combining professional skills and experience to provide the customer with a multidisciplinary service in the civil engineering sector (architecture, structures, plants). The strong experience and commitment of the members soon made deStudio one of the leading engineering companies in Italy.

The activity ranges from the residential construction sector to the commercial, service industry, industrial and conservative restoration and static consolidation. Over the years deStudio has been particularly active in the field of office building renovation planning interventions in the “multisite” sector for retail. The staff that animates deStudio is composed of engineers and architects and a network of consultants and specialists, who with their know-how and with the use of the most modern technologies, work ensuring the customer full satisfaction. deStudio is therefore the only interlocutor able to interface with the customer, providing a wide-ranging technical-design support. deStudio is a leader in the field of professional technical services for the construction of sites for radio telecommunications, developing significant experience in the field of mobile telecommunications performing the design of maximum and executive radio base stations and following the direction of work for the construction of sites in question, providing the professional services for the whole implementation process: from the development of the project for obtaining the permits, to the drafting of the integrated executive project to be procured, including the estimated metric calculations, the program of works and safety plans and coordination, to the technical-administrative management of the works themselves. deStudio has around 7,000 Radio Base Stations in over 20 years of activity in the mobile operator sector.