DEStudio Engineering Company

Design, Engineering, Safety

DEStudio was established in Rome in 1996 by Marco Discacciati, MEng. Marco Discacciati. It has worked for 25 years at a national and international scale, developing a wide range of professional services to provide multidisciplinary assistance to its customers. Since 2011, DEStudio has been consistently included among the most prominent Italian architecture and civil engineering companies in the Report on the Italian Construction, Architecture and Engineering Industry published by Il Sole 24 Ore.

DEStudio is mainly active in the Design, Construction Site Management, Safety Management, and Project Management sectors. It works on behalf of economic entities, private customers, and public bodies (city and national administration, fire department, etc.), providing support in management of bureaucratic and administration fulfilments.

DEStudio is certified in terms of Quality Management Systems in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and Environmental Management Systemsin accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001.

Marco Discacciati

Marco Discacciati

Founding Member and Associate

He achieved his degree in Civil Engineering at the Turin Polytechnic in 1989. In the 1990s, he managed major public works for the City of Turin, including the new Caselle International Airport. He married and moved to Rome, where he led the construction of the new IBM headquarters in the EUR neighborhood, and coordinated design and construction of the new Bank of Italy HQ in Frascati. In 1996, he founded DEStudio, which he is the Sole Administrator of. He coordinates design and construction work for the company. He works daily with public entities and administration bodies, gaining strong skills in management of administration procedures. The Commissione Finanza Immobiliare (Real Estate Financial Commission) was chaired by Eng. Marco Discacciati from 2017 to 2021. He is the founder and a board member of the Bikeconomy observatory, and is among the founders of the OCA|Office for Cycling Architecture organization. With the ambition to merge his passions for nature and development, he has given the company a green setup. As a bike lover, he is convinced that designing infrastructure for sustainable mobility is an essential driving force for urban regeneration.

“I believe in the social impact of our work. I would like to show my daughters that to choose means to actively contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world.”

Silvia Passamonti

Silvia Passamonti


Her passion for numbers gave birth, in the year 2000, to a significant relationship with DEStudio, which she became an Associate of in 2018. She initially performed coordination activities in the administration department, and gained growing responsibility over the years in different roles: she is currently CFO and Human Resource Manager. Moreover, thanks to her attested organizational and analytical skills, as well as a distinctive problem-solving ability, she coordinates and standardizes corporate processes. The future, from innovation to technology, intrigues her. She is always with her mascot, “Matita” (pencil), a dachshund called upon in the toughest working days to make the team smile again at the wiggle of her tail. Determined and feisty, she works proactively in extremely dynamic and competitive settings, showing rigor and balance. Over the years, she has honed her talent for complex planning and is skilled in relationship building.

“In my work, effort is always first in line. My pragmatism helps me, but to achieve results you require – above all – passion and strategic vision.”


“Regenerate, reinvent, create value.”

The values DEStudio relates to are:

  • reliability
  • innovation
  • sustainability
  • excellence


“We will either find a way, or make one” [Hannibal] [Annibale]

The DEStudio approach is:

  • client-oriented
  • based on knowledge and understanding of its clients; DEStudio supports them by providing the services which most meet their demands, even the unspoken ones
  • based on embracing and resolving its clients’ challenges by comprehensively interpreting their requests and expectations


DEStudio’s professional activity is based on the principles of integrity, loyalty, transparency, honesty, and service quality.

It works to the customer’s best interest, and constantly informs the same of its activity.

DEStudio is serious about privacy and is loyal to the mandate assigned.

DEStudio works towards maintaining the environmental balance untarnished, with a cautious eye on the preservation of cultural, artistic, historic, and landscape heritage.


DEStudio’s strengths are:

  • reputation
  • reliability
  • multidisciplinary skills | integrated design
  • verification of milestones and punctuality
  • accuracy | quality
  • a network of external specialists
  • customer relations
  • dynamism | proactiveness
  • confidentiality

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